Reasons for Gratitude

Hey guys,

I want to explain my gratitude journal. I think I have posted about it previously but

here is a refresher for those who haven’t read it.

My gratitude journal helps me recognize all the little things as well as big things that are good in my life. It helps me look at the big picture.

Picture this: You’re having one of those stressful days where you say to yourself and maybe out loud, “Why me!” When people feel like this typically, at least for me, I feel like “everything is wrong everything bad happens around me blah blah blah.”

While it feels like that in the moment, I allow myself to let out the crumby feelings. Then I think about what it is I can be grateful for. There are times I can’t see it but at those times I’ll read my gratitude journal and it truly helps. I have so much to be grateful for! Yes, even the sun!

The sunny days have a nice effect on my energy as opposed to a grey cloudy day. Besides, its easier for me to walk outside when it’s nice out, big plus.

One of my favorite things I am grateful for is the fact that today is a new day, and tomorrow is another new day. This is a very powerful thing to know. If you know you can start fresh tomorrow, than you can let go of today.

I think looking deeper into our lives, there are many things to be grateful for.  It is important for everyone to recognize these things. Something about writing them down makes it even more powerful. It brings positive energy.

Here is what I propose:

*Every day think of something you are grateful for, write it down, and put it somewhere you will most likely to see it, maybe hang it on the refrigerator.

Eventually you can start a Gratitude journal. However I think the first step is to try it out where you can see it all day.

*So hang it somewhere you can see it read it and think about it every time you pass it by.

Go on give it a try, it is worth it! 🙂










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