Today’s Affirmations

I have new shoes!

I have socks with new shoes on both feet!

I have an A in Physiology and Anatomy Class!

I have an A in Personality Psychology Class!

I am healthy and complete!

I am walking effortlessly!

I am a certified child life specialist!

I am a certified infant massage therapist and educator!

I am helping and inspiring children!

I love myself, I am beautiful, and I am complete!

All is well in the world!


Busy, Busy

Hey guys,

I have been super busy pushing through homework and finals! Tomorrow is the beginning of week eight, my last week of this school term! I have to say I really enjoyed my classes, especially personality psychology. I just learned about positive psychology. This is exactly what I want to use in helping children. I am so excited and I am so grateful for all that I have learned!!!!

This week I have one more part of my physiology anatomy final, the quiz! I have a few last homework assignments as well along with psychology homework.

Now that I am at the bitter end of the term I am able to contemplate whether I can take a trip to Miami. We’ll see what prices I can get.


Hello, Hello!

Hey guys,

Welcome my friends, my visitors, my followers new and old, old and new! I have reached 120!

I am so happy to say I am almost finished with my sixth term in school! After this I Have 4 more terms until I earn my bachelors in Psychology with specialization in child and adolescent development!!!! I am thoroughly enjoying the ride!

My hardships that came with RSD has allowed me to re-examine my life. While I could have done without the pain+ I have managed to truly find myself!

This blog has been helpful for me to send my thoughts out to the universe and to all of you. Now that I have found my purpose to help people, children to be exact, I have a lot more aspirations! I hope my posts help you all in some way. 🙂

I am looking at getting my masters! Maybe I will have my own practice! I know I want to be a Child Life Specialist and I am getting closer!  I am planning to get certified in infant massage therapy and educating! I want to help children cope! I want to encourage and inspire children! I want to be a support for them in helping them by giving them and their care givers the tools they need to help them succeed in life!

I am so excited! I also want to continue volunteering with children. I want to go global. I would love to do this in december for a few months! I haven’t yet found the right program! I would like to do work with kids in an orphanage or day care in Europe, ideally Italy. I would also do it in England. I feel like this would be the perfect time to do it after I finish my Bachelor’s before committed into an internship program and full time job.

I am so excited!!!!







Today’s Gratitude

  • My overall health!
  • My progress!
  • My strength!
  • My parents
  • My sister
  • My brother in-law
  • My family
  • My friends
  • My physical therapist
  • School
  • Doing well in school
  • Lessons
  • Lessons to learn
  • Walking
  • Meditation
  • Art
  • Music
  • Writing
  • Wearing socks on both feet
  • Everyday is a new day!
  • Everything happens for a reason!
  • All is well in the world


Thoughts and words

speak freely

ease your mind

let it flow

don’t hold it in

for the love of words

words express

thoughts are only thoughts

words are thoughts at work

words are power

words are fuel

pen to paper

at the tip of the tongue

words in a song

words in a speech

words are feelings

words of the wise

words move

words inspire

though, actions speak louder than words

actions validate words.


A Child’s Life in the Hospital

This week I was in the hospital yesterday and today.

Yesterday visited my boy who’se been there a while. I visited a 10 month old who was seriously precious wanted to keep him. I played a game with a cute boy and his sister. I brought some toys for some other kiddies. I made a sweet girl with developmental delays smile so sweet! I spent time with a 6 month old baby too sweet. I also visited a few teen agers 14 and 18. The 14 year old was a character she was tired but we were hanging out talking a little bit she had a sense of humor was nice.The 18 year old was more out of it but met her mother so I’ll be able to come in tomorrow and see if I can help her relax. Before I left yesterday I heard that my little friend the two year old with heart disease and a trachea was leaving! I signed the goodbye card that my supervisor made. It was a great day.

Today I got to say goodbye to the sweet little boy! It was such a special feeling that he was well enough to leave! I have spent a lot of time with the boy and his parents. It was really special, the mom gave me a huge hug goodbye. I also visited my 14 year old friend from yesterday I got her before her surgery. I got the pet therapy dog to come in before.  I spent more time with the 6 month old today. He was so sweet and responsive. I spent more time with the 6 year old girl today. I also saw a precious 3 month old who was very happy and social. Lastly I spent time with a sweet 9 month old girl who was so calm and sweet. Before I arrived she was screaming and crying with mom. I brought her a musical toy that lights up and she was calm and happy.

~I really love this!





Today’s Gratitude

  • My overall health
  • I didn’t suffer much from the cold 
  • Heat
  • My wonderful parents
  • My supportive sister
  • My thoughtful brother in-law
  • My dog
  • School
  • Doing well in school
  • Lessons to learn
  • Lessons learned
  • Physical therapy
  • Child Life
  • Volunteering
  • Meditation
  • Art
  • Music
  • Wearing a real sock on both feet!
  • Walking
  • Writing
  • Every day is a new day
  • Everything happens for a reason
  • All is well in the world!