A Child’s Life in the Hospital

This week I was in the hospital yesterday and today.

Yesterday visited my boy who’se been there a while. I visited a 10 month old who was seriously precious wanted to keep him. I played a game with a cute boy and his sister. I brought some toys for some other kiddies. I made a sweet girl with developmental delays smile so sweet! I spent time with a 6 month old baby too sweet. I also visited a few teen agers 14 and 18. The 14 year old was a character she was tired but we were hanging out talking a little bit she had a sense of humor was nice.The 18 year old was more out of it but met her mother so I’ll be able to come in tomorrow and see if I can help her relax. Before I left yesterday I heard that my little friend the two year old with heart disease and a trachea was leaving! I signed the goodbye card that my supervisor made. It was a great day.

Today I got to say goodbye to the sweet little boy! It was such a special feeling that he was well enough to leave! I have spent a lot of time with the boy and his parents. It was really special, the mom gave me a huge hug goodbye. I also visited my 14 year old friend from yesterday I got her before her surgery. I got the pet therapy dog to come in before.  I spent more time with the 6 month old today. He was so sweet and responsive. I spent more time with the 6 year old girl today. I also saw a precious 3 month old who was very happy and social. Lastly I spent time with a sweet 9 month old girl who was so calm and sweet. Before I arrived she was screaming and crying with mom. I brought her a musical toy that lights up and she was calm and happy.

~I really love this!






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