Child Life in General Pediatrics

Hey guys,

Today was my first day volunteering in the general pediatric unit in child life. I am also continuing my weekly shift in the PICU.

The day was great. During the day I showed a new volunteer how I do things as she shadowed me for the first hour. I have to say I felt great about that.

I made my rounds to every patient. I had some great one on one time with a 19day old baby boy. I don’t know what is wrong with him but he’s precious. He was pretty alert for young little one. He had the hiccups so I decided to hold him for a while and it worked. He fell asleep in my arms for a minute. So sweet!

One of the kids I spent time with today was my little friend that I worked with in the PICU. It was nice to work with him as he feels comfortable with me and the family knows me.

I also spent time with a 6 year old boy who happens to have ADHD. His doctor was rewrapping his head trying to cover the chords attached to the electrodes all over his head. He wouldn’t stop moving. It was pretty apparent that his doctor was losing his patience. I assisted the mom in getting the boy to stay still. He was a handful but I got him to behave briefly. When I had to leave him he didn’t want me to leave saying I’m his friend and he was hugging me. Poor thing doesn’t understand. One thing when his mom left she came back with candy for him. I don’t know that that could have helped him. I also spent some time with a teenager from china. The poor thing was telling me she was bored so we played Jenga.

I found out today that I already have 100 hours worth of volunteering experience in child life!

~I love this and I am so grateful!




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