Dust Yourself Off, Tomorrow is a New Day

Hey virtual ones!

I know it has been a while, time got away from me!

You know when you have one of those days that are hard that you feel like you were knocked down 50million times? Well, today that’s what my body felt like. I was pretty frustrated…

BUT you know now that I got out the emotions today all I have to say is…

F the pain, F the nonsense!!!!! I am getting through my hardships head on!!!!!

I finished with an A in both of my very difficult classes this term!!!!!

I got through my sister’s wedding in other shoes and socks!!!!!!

I am almost finished earning my degree!!!!!!!!!!

Now if I can be PAIN FREE that would be fantastic. I don’t know how yet but SOON I WILL BE PAIN FREE that is it, no other options!

Tonight my Physical therapist and I were talking about kids and parents and people in general, with how do they fight an illness. Without a doubt in my mind I have the answer…

When one is facing illness especially a child’s there is no other choice but to fight!

Every day is a new day and I am grateful!

Tomorrow is a new day, a day for greatness!





I am healthy

I am happy

I am loving

I am loved

I am learning

I am successful

I am progressing

I am walking pain free

I am pain free

I am walking

I have an A in Psychology Issues in Adolescent Development Class

I have an A in Psychology research methods class

I am a graduate in Psychology with a focus on child and adolescent development

I have a 3.8 GPA

I am a Certified Child Life Specialist

I am a Certified Infant Massage Instructor

I am CPR Certified

I am making a difference

I am 115 Pounds

I am strong

I have a man who  I love and he loves me

I am a wife

I am a mother

I am a good person

I am a good sister

I am A good daughter

I am a good friend

I am painting

I am singing

I am meditating

I am exercising

All is well in my world