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Paleo Reset!!!!

Hey guys,

Over Thanksgiving I found a book by Chris Kresser called Your Personal Paleo Code. Some time ago I was trying a Paleo diet and things got in the way and than I wound up trying something else. However, when I was following Paleo I realized it worked for me. When I looked at  Kresser’s book I became encouraged to really try it and follow through again. I decided after Thanksgiving weekend, on December 1st I started the first step that the book goes over, the Paleo Reset 30 days. I have been staying with it and have been working out and walking daily. I feel more energized and even better, I already lost 12.5 pounds!

I am so excited! The great thing about the diet is it really is more of a lifestyle because it really isn’t depriving and I can eat real food no protein powders or shakes.

I’m going to hold on with all of my might and will get through Christmas and Christmas Eve-when with my family it can be very difficult. But If I can resist that then I will be fine!!

*Happy and Healthy Holidays All!

Feeling Hopeful!!!!!

Hello All,

Today I was officially able to send out my Child Life Internship Applications!!!!!

It took a lot of poking and gnawing at people to get my transcripts and courses completely reviewed. But Finally after much determination and persistence on my end I got everything needed to mail out the complete application!

I had to put two hospitals applications on hold, as one is postponed until 2016 and the other is not accepting applications until June.

I applied to some hospitals that are for summer session! As a back up plan I applied to some that are in the fall session!

Fingers Crossed!!!!

**Here’s to beginning my next step to become a Certified Child Life Specialist!!!!!