Paleo Reset!!!!

Hey guys,

Over Thanksgiving I found a book by Chris Kresser called Your Personal Paleo Code. Some time ago I was trying a Paleo diet and things got in the way and than I wound up trying something else. However, when I was following Paleo I realized it worked for me. When I looked at  Kresser’s book I became encouraged to really try it and follow through again. I decided after Thanksgiving weekend, on December 1st I started the first step that the book goes over, the Paleo Reset 30 days. I have been staying with it and have been working out and walking daily. I feel more energized and even better, I already lost 12.5 pounds!

I am so excited! The great thing about the diet is it really is more of a lifestyle because it really isn’t depriving and I can eat real food no protein powders or shakes.

I’m going to hold on with all of my might and will get through Christmas and Christmas Eve-when with my family it can be very difficult. But If I can resist that then I will be fine!!

*Happy and Healthy Holidays All!


New Beginnings

Hey Friends,

Wow I cannot believe it’s November!!!!!

So much happened in October…

I completed my Bachelors with a final GPA 3.77!!!!!

I am well into my child life course!!!!

I just started a new job as an assistant teacher!!!!

I became First aid and CPR certified!!!

I am closer to getting certified in Child Life!!!!!

And AHH I am turning 30 on Tuesday!!!!!


This time last year was a challenge. Today I am in a lot less pain and getting more and more active. I am working on eating right, losing weight, and keeping it off.

I am learning so much and I can’t stop!  I am so very grateful for everything!!!!!!!!!!!



*To new beginnings!!!!!




I Love Children

Hey guys,

For those of you who don’t know, I love children!

When you work with children you have to be able to be stern with them. You have to be willing to be silly with them and not care about what you look like while doing it. You have to be confident. You have to be open to learning from them and you have to recognize what works for them and what doesn’t.

Children are very demanding. They are resilient. They are smart. And if you let them, they will take advantage of you whether they realize it or not! They need to be active! They typically lose interest in one thing to another very quickly so you need to make it interesting for them and try to keep one step ahead of them! It is a challenge but a challenge that I love!

Frequently I watch this sweet beautiful little girl a friend of the family’s child. She is four years old. She is very active!  I always find ways to keep her entertained thinking outside the box. I keep her going and don’t let her sit still too much and then she’s tired by the time her mom and dad come and pick her up. She never wants to leave me when they come to take her home!

Weeks ago I started playing music and having her stretching and dancing. She had all this energy so we were out in my yard than I had her running around playing Red Light Green light and then I just kept thinking of different color lights and had her skipping and crawling and hopping like a bunny and tip toeing and doing jumping jacks and jumping. We played the game again last night! Another day last week I watched her it was so beautiful outside so I took her and Roxie in the driveway and we used Sidewalk chalk- one of the best inventions ever!!!

The best is she keeps me active and creative and I keep her active, she has fun, and I have fun!  Plus she’s such a good girl! 🙂

I know child life is different but children are children and so my knowledge and experience with children as a whole is helpful to keep in mind for my career as a Child life Specialist!!

~I can’t wait!