Hello, Hello!

Hey guys,

Welcome my friends, my visitors, my followers new and old, old and new! I have reached 120!

I am so happy to say I am almost finished with my sixth term in school! After this I Have 4 more terms until I earn my bachelors in Psychology with specialization in child and adolescent development!!!! I am thoroughly enjoying the ride!

My hardships that came with RSD has allowed me to re-examine my life. While I could have done without the pain+ I have managed to truly find myself!

This blog has been helpful for me to send my thoughts out to the universe and to all of you. Now that I have found my purpose to help people, children to be exact, I have a lot more aspirations! I hope my posts help you all in some way. 🙂

I am looking at getting my masters! Maybe I will have my own practice! I know I want to be a Child Life Specialist and I am getting closer!  I am planning to get certified in infant massage therapy and educating! I want to help children cope! I want to encourage and inspire children! I want to be a support for them in helping them by giving them and their care givers the tools they need to help them succeed in life!

I am so excited! I also want to continue volunteering with children. I want to go global. I would love to do this in december for a few months! I haven’t yet found the right program! I would like to do work with kids in an orphanage or day care in Europe, ideally Italy. I would also do it in England. I feel like this would be the perfect time to do it after I finish my Bachelor’s before committed into an internship program and full time job.

I am so excited!!!!









Hey guys,

I am touched to say I have reached 116 followers! Hey visitors new and old! Hey followers new and old welcome! I hope you enjoy my blog! If I have inspired any of you in any way I am so grateful. If I have helped anyone not feel alone in their thoughts I am thrilled. If I have entertained some-how I am happy to  amuse. 



Hey guys,

I wanted to welcome and shout out to my visitors and followers new and old!

I am always happy to hear if reading my blog has helped someone in some way or another!

I use my blog to let things out and to show gratitude to the universe. I use it to share my passions and experiences. I use it to share my thoughts and emotions. I share my appreciations. I share my goals and affirmations. I share my mistakes and struggles. I share my successes.

I truly hope my sharing helps others. I believe it is an important part of our being to help others so that they can also help others.




Hey Guys,

I wanted to give all my wonderful visitors old and new a SHOUT OUT 🙂 I hope everyone is enjoying getting ready for the holidays and new year!  I am just about done with my christmas shopping!  I do love christmas time! Hello, nice warm fire, hello hot cocoa. Hello hot tea with honey, hello extra blankets! However, I am happy to say after christmas I am going to Miami! Yay for warm weather !!!!

Wherever in the world you are, may you stay warm, happy, and healthy!!!!!



Hello everyone,

Want to give a shout out to all of my visitors and followers! Thank you for viewing my blog!

I have hit 101 followers! I hope you are all enjoying my posts!

I am happy to share my experiences and I hope I am helping some of you in some way.

I am thoroughly enjoying learning and reflecting on lessons, which have been exceptionally important to me.

I have learned many significant tools, which I know I will look back on.


~Blog on! 🙂




Hello all,

I first want to acknowledge all of my visitors, new, and old followers!  I hope my blog has helped, inspired, or entertained in some way!

I am enjoying updating still after all this time! I find it exciting that people from all over the world can catch a glimpse of my thoughts and experiences.

I hope my blog encourages, inspires, and helps. I hope if people relate to my thoughts or experiences, that I am able to make them feel


~Here’s to helping others!




Hey guys,

I want to thank you all for following and visiting my blog!  I hope you find it is helpful, inspiring, and or at least moderately entertaining. 🙂 I have almost reached 50 followers to my blog and I am rather touched!

This is the part where I sound cheesy but its true I do love the idea that perhaps I am preventing someone from feeling alone.

This week has been strange I gained 1 lb with weight watchers however I didn’t reach my daily point target of 26 most of this week so perhaps this has something to do with it?  I’ll do better this week!

Today I plan to finish homework and workout! I’m not sure I can do a walk outside as it is supposed to be FREEZING but I will be working out nonetheless so I feel good about that!

Cheers to today’s success!!!!