The Joy of Making a Difference

Hello all,

As I have mentioned last post I have continued volunteering in the child life program at the hospital. I have been working in the Pediatric Intensive Care unit for almost a year and the General Pediatric unit for 7months. I have been able to help so many children and several of them have found a special place in my heart.

Last month I met an awesome 10 year old girl. She was expressive and creative and incredibly strong. She blew me away. While in the hospital she wrote and illustrated a book about Cancer. It was so beautiful, powerful, and inspiring.

A few days ago I saw a patient who was in the hospital a couple of months ago. This is a precious little girl and her mother who I formed a bond with last visit so they were and I was happy to see them. They were saying how happy they were that I’m there. It felt so great. I remembered from last time how creative she was and how much she loved to paint and design. When I took her to the playroom I set her up with a painting station. She said she had a surprise not to look. When she was finished she handed me a painting that said I love you! I was so touched!

Another adorable little girl who was a sibling of a little boy who was the patient joined. A moment later a little boy wanted to paint as well. Before I knew it I was running a little art class.  It was a fun eventful hour and change of working with multiple children at once. It didn’t phase me, they were adorable 🙂

When it was time to close the playroom two of the kids’ parents came to retrieve them and I  took the other peanut back to her room. About a half hour after cleaning up the playroom, I went to see all the kids in their rooms. When I went to see how my little friend who made the painting for me was doing she gave me another picture that says I love you and made me one of those rainbow loom bracelets. So sweet, I couldn’t believe it.


It is such a joy to help make a difference for these families!




Child Life in General Pediatrics

Hey guys,

Today was my first day volunteering in the general pediatric unit in child life. I am also continuing my weekly shift in the PICU.

The day was great. During the day I showed a new volunteer how I do things as she shadowed me for the first hour. I have to say I felt great about that.

I made my rounds to every patient. I had some great one on one time with a 19day old baby boy. I don’t know what is wrong with him but he’s precious. He was pretty alert for young little one. He had the hiccups so I decided to hold him for a while and it worked. He fell asleep in my arms for a minute. So sweet!

One of the kids I spent time with today was my little friend that I worked with in the PICU. It was nice to work with him as he feels comfortable with me and the family knows me.

I also spent time with a 6 year old boy who happens to have ADHD. His doctor was rewrapping his head trying to cover the chords attached to the electrodes all over his head. He wouldn’t stop moving. It was pretty apparent that his doctor was losing his patience. I assisted the mom in getting the boy to stay still. He was a handful but I got him to behave briefly. When I had to leave him he didn’t want me to leave saying I’m his friend and he was hugging me. Poor thing doesn’t understand. One thing when his mom left she came back with candy for him. I don’t know that that could have helped him. I also spent some time with a teenager from china. The poor thing was telling me she was bored so we played Jenga.

I found out today that I already have 100 hours worth of volunteering experience in child life!

~I love this and I am so grateful!



Child Life

Hey all,

Today in the hospital I worked with a couple of kids. I spent time with a great five year old boy for a while. Two of the kids I spent a lot of time with are developmentally delayed and so sweet! I love working with all of the precious kids but I have to say when it comes to communicating with these developmentally kids it takes me to another level. It is truly something special. They are frequently non-verbal and we find alternative ways to communicate. The infant was gripping my hand and copying the movements I made with my lips, she was adorable :0)! I also spent time with a precious two-year old boy. He was holding my hand and gripping each finger as I spoke to him.  As he held my fingers I went through each of them and pointed them out by name. When I had to go, it felt like he didn’t want me to leave. Every child is special in their own wonderful way. It is so important to me that I show these children that they matter. Every child needs to know they matter, that they are strong, and they are loved.

Another great day in the hospital 🙂



A Child’s Life in the Hospital

This week I was in the hospital yesterday and today.

Yesterday visited my boy who’se been there a while. I visited a 10 month old who was seriously precious wanted to keep him. I played a game with a cute boy and his sister. I brought some toys for some other kiddies. I made a sweet girl with developmental delays smile so sweet! I spent time with a 6 month old baby too sweet. I also visited a few teen agers 14 and 18. The 14 year old was a character she was tired but we were hanging out talking a little bit she had a sense of humor was nice.The 18 year old was more out of it but met her mother so I’ll be able to come in tomorrow and see if I can help her relax. Before I left yesterday I heard that my little friend the two year old with heart disease and a trachea was leaving! I signed the goodbye card that my supervisor made. It was a great day.

Today I got to say goodbye to the sweet little boy! It was such a special feeling that he was well enough to leave! I have spent a lot of time with the boy and his parents. It was really special, the mom gave me a huge hug goodbye. I also visited my 14 year old friend from yesterday I got her before her surgery. I got the pet therapy dog to come in before.  I spent more time with the 6 month old today. He was so sweet and responsive. I spent more time with the 6 year old girl today. I also saw a precious 3 month old who was very happy and social. Lastly I spent time with a sweet 9 month old girl who was so calm and sweet. Before I arrived she was screaming and crying with mom. I brought her a musical toy that lights up and she was calm and happy.

~I really love this!





Fun, Sun, and Rehab

Hey guys,

Miami is so great! Last night we hit delicious Red steakhouse (fav) for dinner!

I am having a great time with family and friends while enjoying my break from school, and catching the beautiful rays!!!!

 On Sunday night I went to an interesting meditation class using bowls. It was a little weird at first as it is involves listening to the sound of different bowls and just taking in and focusing on breathing. One sound was a bit difficult for me as I felt it through my entire body but then it was a soothing experience. At the end I wasn’t 100 percent taken by it but I’ll try it again. In the mean time today I found another meditation class that sounds so great! I will be going to it on Sunday. One part sounds interesting as it is a walking meditation, not sure how that will work but we’ll see.

So while I am here I have been trying to take advantage of the warm weather. The last few days I have been doing a lot of rehab. I have been taking long walks with my dog Roxie. Today I walked even more than yesterday. I have also been… walking on the beach!!!! Its crazy yesterday and the day before with sneakers for the first time in two years I made my way on the beach! I then sit down and do physical therapy by putting my bad foot in the sand and really working it with the new texture! It really hurt but I did it!!! I also put on another different shoe the other day! I also am wearing regular sock on more often. I am on my way!!!!!!!!!

Like I said, New day New year. Off to greater things, getting in shape, in real socks, and cuter shoes. 🙂

~On my way!

Sweet Little Babies

Hey guys,

On Wednesday at the hospital I spent time with a few babies.

I spent time with this precious 6month old boy who has been by himself every time I see him. He was very squirmy I got him to focus on a shaker toy. He seemed to like it. I also spent time with my little 2 year old boy who had the surgery Tuesday afternoon. He was out of it the poor thing but I got him to smile a bit. I also visited a 6 month old baby boy and his mom for a bit. Quite a few of the children I was assigned to visit had rough nights and or procedures so they were sleeping most of the day so I didn’t get to spend time with them.

I  also visited a precious brand new baby and his mom. Poor mom is exhausted and tongue tied being cooped up there. This baby was so sweet. I helped her bathe him and kept the baby company when she needed to step away.

It was a nice day. I’m sure going to miss the munchkins for the next two weeks!

~Happy Friday 🙂

Child Life: Helping, Hoping, Caring, Loving, Supporting

Hey guys,

Today at the hospital I worked with mostly new patients. I worked with beautiful infants. I visited with a beautiful 3 year old little girl who I saw one time before. She was up out of her bed in her chair more up to playing. I wanted to eat her up she is so cute!

I was also keeping this baby company the mom was asking me my favorite age to work with. Its interesting because I love different things about each age I have worked with. With infants I love providing comfort and soothing them with my voice. It touches my heart when I can get their attention and help them relax. Even though these tiny babies are so young they respond to calm sounds and light touch, colors, light. It interests me how they take in all of what they see even though they don’t get it, they see it and feel it. I love the toddlers as well. They are fun and open to discover all the new things around them. The 10,11 year olds are great too because they’ll begin to speak their minds. The teens are great too because they can of course speak their mind. I can see it being really difficult for the teens to be considered a kid still so when I visit them I really try to make it clear that I know they aren’t babies and I treat them their age offer to hang out or if they want to watch a movie or maybe play a game.

Today I also spent a bit of time with a two year old little boy who I have been visiting with frequently.

Today he had a surgery of some kind so the parents were constantly praying. Mom told me her boy is always happy when I come to see him.

I am so happy to help, most of all that the parents see that and realize he is a happy boy. I asked her if there was anything they needed she asked

me to pray for him. I am sending my prayers and wishes to the universe! Please give this baby more time with us. Please help him be pain free.

Please help him be strong.