Moving Along, Keep your eye on the prize

Hello Friends,

I am trying to make a point to keep up with posting. As it will be interesting information for me to refer back to and hopefully it will be easier for visitors to follow me.

I am in my fourth week of my second term in grad school. As I have mentioned in previous posts that means I have a ton of work to do. I am studying exceptionally enriching material that I will hold in my Child Life tool kit for sure. But nonetheless, I am quite swamped.

I am trying to finish applications for internship as well. In addition I have some great news… I got into a Summer Child Life Practicum-YAY!!!  This will definitely be a great stepping stone to prepare me for when I do my internship. Not to mention it is something many hospital internship programs require and or prefer. So it is definitely a good thing to do.

I am so grateful, relieved, and excited to continue moving along my path.

*Keep on, Keeping on




What a Journey!

Hello all,

Well last weekend I had my graduation ceremony in Manchester, New Hampshire! I am an official graduate, (although I have had my diploma since October 2014-just saying). Nonetheless it was a special occasion and a huge accomplishment that I am so happy I experienced!

Now as some of you may or may not know where I left off with my Child Life path, it is time for an update. It turns out I did not get an internship for the summer program.  I knew it would be very competitive and most of the hospitals only had 1 slot with several applicants.

I accomplished all-said requirements of the Child Life Council before applying to internships, including the child life course taught by a Certified Specialist. With those all fulfilled, I attempted to, I suppose cut corners, skip getting the masters and take a chance on getting an internship without it.

However, as time had gone by more internship programs were preferring the students who have their masters.  Furthermore, the Child Life Council is going to be requiring a masters in a few years.

As I wasn’t having luck of acceptance into an internship program I decided I wanted and needed to develop more of a foundation in Child Life that would prepare me for the internship and on the job. With that, I decided to apply to graduate school!

I just got accepted into Grad school and I will be getting my masters in Child Life!

I cannot wait to continue the next chapter of my journey!

Feeling Hopeful!!!!!

Hello All,

Today I was officially able to send out my Child Life Internship Applications!!!!!

It took a lot of poking and gnawing at people to get my transcripts and courses completely reviewed. But Finally after much determination and persistence on my end I got everything needed to mail out the complete application!

I had to put two hospitals applications on hold, as one is postponed until 2016 and the other is not accepting applications until June.

I applied to some hospitals that are for summer session! As a back up plan I applied to some that are in the fall session!

Fingers Crossed!!!!

**Here’s to beginning my next step to become a Certified Child Life Specialist!!!!!

Today’s Gratitude

  • Sunny days
  • My overall health
  • My strength
  • My parents
  • My sister
  • My brother in-law
  • My dog
  • Family
  • Friends
  • Music
  • Meditation
  • Art
  • Walking
  • Writing
  • My mind
  • My voice
  • Children
  • Helping children in the hospital
  • Healing
  • Kicking RSD
  • Doing well in school
  • Learning
  • Child life
  • Every day is a new day

Hello, Hello!

Hey guys,

Welcome my friends, my visitors, my followers new and old, old and new! I have reached 120!

I am so happy to say I am almost finished with my sixth term in school! After this I Have 4 more terms until I earn my bachelors in Psychology with specialization in child and adolescent development!!!! I am thoroughly enjoying the ride!

My hardships that came with RSD has allowed me to re-examine my life. While I could have done without the pain+ I have managed to truly find myself!

This blog has been helpful for me to send my thoughts out to the universe and to all of you. Now that I have found my purpose to help people, children to be exact, I have a lot more aspirations! I hope my posts help you all in some way. 🙂

I am looking at getting my masters! Maybe I will have my own practice! I know I want to be a Child Life Specialist and I am getting closer!  I am planning to get certified in infant massage therapy and educating! I want to help children cope! I want to encourage and inspire children! I want to be a support for them in helping them by giving them and their care givers the tools they need to help them succeed in life!

I am so excited! I also want to continue volunteering with children. I want to go global. I would love to do this in december for a few months! I haven’t yet found the right program! I would like to do work with kids in an orphanage or day care in Europe, ideally Italy. I would also do it in England. I feel like this would be the perfect time to do it after I finish my Bachelor’s before committed into an internship program and full time job.

I am so excited!!!!







You’re a Nice Doctor

Hey Guys,

Today at the hospital there was a six year old boy who was just admitted this afternoon.

When I came to him he couldn’t wait to talk, an adorable chatterbox.

We played checkers and he beat me. He was very verbal in telling me things that hurt or how he felt. He told me he was nervous to be there and that he didn’t want to play alone. Of course he’s nervous most kids are he just was able to verbalize it.

His mom was there however, it seemed they were both in their own clouds today. I have seen his happen sometimes. Anyway he wanted me to stay there to play all day.

This kid was funny he spoke pretty well too. During our game at one point he told me I’m a nice doctor. I smiled and was like thank you so much but I’m not a doctor I’m your child life buddy. He kept saying a few times I’m a nice doctor. It was priceless.

I was happy to play with him a while. 🙂

There was another little boy who when I introduced myself to him he was at first nervous because he thought I was a doctor about to examine him. When his mom told me this I answered no, I’m not a doctor I’m here for fun 🙂 I  asked him if he was up to it if maybe we can play some games. He smiled.

I also helped a precious little girl who is non verbal developmentally delayed and adorable. She was crying. When the nurse handed her to me I sat and held her in the chair and rocked her in my arms. She became calm and relaxed. I can tell she was listening to me even though she doesn’t make eye contact. She was responding when I spoke softly to her. She was touching my hand and was making noises that sounded like light relaxed sighs when I spoke to her. After a bit she looked like she was going to fall asleep, I had the nurse assist me to put her in her crib. She was upset for a moment but looked like she was tired. It really warms my heart that I was able to help her relax.

I also visited a little one I think 10months old. Beautiful alert Spanish baby girl. She was blowing me kisses. And I played with her while she jumped around in her crib. So sweet!

I love this gig!

~Warm heart


HELLO 2014!

Hey all,

So, today is a new day and a new year!

I have been in holiday mode since right before Christmas and these past days in Miami.

I might indulge a little bit here and there. But I am moving forward to healthy, to losing weight, and tracking my food on my loyal site I am moving forward with working out. I am moving and improving my Nike Fuel band numbers. And of course I am fitting in more fun 🙂

I am graduating with my bachelors, I am seeing my sister get married, I am wearing new beautiful shoes, I am working. I am interning, I am learning, I am helping, and I am thriving.

This is my year to do greater things! I am so excited!

~Let’s do this!