Paleo Reset!!!!

Hey guys,

Over Thanksgiving I found a book by Chris Kresser called Your Personal Paleo Code. Some time ago I was trying a Paleo diet and things got in the way and than I wound up trying something else. However, when I was following Paleo I realized it worked for me. When I looked at  Kresser’s book I became encouraged to really try it and follow through again. I decided after Thanksgiving weekend, on December 1st I started the first step that the book goes over, the Paleo Reset 30 days. I have been staying with it and have been working out and walking daily. I feel more energized and even better, I already lost 12.5 pounds!

I am so excited! The great thing about the diet is it really is more of a lifestyle because it really isn’t depriving and I can eat real food no protein powders or shakes.

I’m going to hold on with all of my might and will get through Christmas and Christmas Eve-when with my family it can be very difficult. But If I can resist that then I will be fine!!

*Happy and Healthy Holidays All!


Hello October, Gratitude

  • Sunny day
  • My overall health
  • My friend’s baby girl turned 1 today!
  • My parents
  • My sister
  • My brother in-law
  • My dog
  • My friends
  • My family
  • Kicking RSD
  • Walking
  • Meditation
  • Writing
  • Art
  • Music
  • Child Life
  • Children
  • Healing
  • Strength
  • Love
  • Laughter
  • Every day is a new great possibility!!!!

The Joy of Making a Difference

Hello all,

As I have mentioned last post I have continued volunteering in the child life program at the hospital. I have been working in the Pediatric Intensive Care unit for almost a year and the General Pediatric unit for 7months. I have been able to help so many children and several of them have found a special place in my heart.

Last month I met an awesome 10 year old girl. She was expressive and creative and incredibly strong. She blew me away. While in the hospital she wrote and illustrated a book about Cancer. It was so beautiful, powerful, and inspiring.

A few days ago I saw a patient who was in the hospital a couple of months ago. This is a precious little girl and her mother who I formed a bond with last visit so they were and I was happy to see them. They were saying how happy they were that I’m there. It felt so great. I remembered from last time how creative she was and how much she loved to paint and design. When I took her to the playroom I set her up with a painting station. She said she had a surprise not to look. When she was finished she handed me a painting that said I love you! I was so touched!

Another adorable little girl who was a sibling of a little boy who was the patient joined. A moment later a little boy wanted to paint as well. Before I knew it I was running a little art class.  It was a fun eventful hour and change of working with multiple children at once. It didn’t phase me, they were adorable 🙂

When it was time to close the playroom two of the kids’ parents came to retrieve them and I  took the other peanut back to her room. About a half hour after cleaning up the playroom, I went to see all the kids in their rooms. When I went to see how my little friend who made the painting for me was doing she gave me another picture that says I love you and made me one of those rainbow loom bracelets. So sweet, I couldn’t believe it.


It is such a joy to help make a difference for these families!




I am healthy

I am happy

I am loving

I am loved

I am learning

I am successful

I am progressing

I am walking pain free

I am pain free

I am walking

I have an A in Psychology Issues in Adolescent Development Class

I have an A in Psychology research methods class

I am a graduate in Psychology with a focus on child and adolescent development

I have a 3.8 GPA

I am a Certified Child Life Specialist

I am a Certified Infant Massage Instructor

I am CPR Certified

I am making a difference

I am 115 Pounds

I am strong

I have a man who  I love and he loves me

I am a wife

I am a mother

I am a good person

I am a good sister

I am A good daughter

I am a good friend

I am painting

I am singing

I am meditating

I am exercising

All is well in my world



Today’s Gratitude

  • My daddy was born today!
  • My wonderful mother!
  • My sister!
  • My brother in-law!
  • My dog!
  • My overall health!
  • My progress!
  • I wore new shoes with socks on both feet!
  • Heat!
  • I got an A in Physiology and Anatomy class!
  • I got an A in Personality Psychology class!
  • Walking!
  • Physical Therapy!
  • Art!
  • Writing!
  • Meditation!
  • Music!
  • Child Life!
  • School!
  • Doing well in school!
  • Lessons learned
  • Lessons to learn!
  • Healing!
  • Family!
  • Friends!
  • Everything is as it should be at this moment in time!
  • Everything happens for a reason!


Child Life

Hey all,

Today in the hospital I worked with a couple of kids. I spent time with a great five year old boy for a while. Two of the kids I spent a lot of time with are developmentally delayed and so sweet! I love working with all of the precious kids but I have to say when it comes to communicating with these developmentally kids it takes me to another level. It is truly something special. They are frequently non-verbal and we find alternative ways to communicate. The infant was gripping my hand and copying the movements I made with my lips, she was adorable :0)! I also spent time with a precious two-year old boy. He was holding my hand and gripping each finger as I spoke to him.  As he held my fingers I went through each of them and pointed them out by name. When I had to go, it felt like he didn’t want me to leave. Every child is special in their own wonderful way. It is so important to me that I show these children that they matter. Every child needs to know they matter, that they are strong, and they are loved.

Another great day in the hospital 🙂



Hello There March

Hey guys,

Here are my affirmations of the month:

I have an A in Personality Psychology class!

I have an A in Physiology and Anatomy class!

I am wearing new shoes with socks on both feet!

I am walking effortlessly!

I am healthy!

I am 117 pounds!

I eat healthy nutritious foods!

I am exercising regularly!

I am a certified child life specialist!

I am in harmony with every one I meet!

I love myself!

I am beautiful!

I deserve great things!

I accept grateness!

I help and inspire others!

I live life to the fullest!

All is well in the world!