CLGNY Conference

Hello Friends,

Last week I attended the annual Child life Greater New York conference. This was the second one I have been to. It was a wonderful chance to meet people in the child life world. It was also great to see my fellow classmates and teachers! There were great presentations beginning with an awesome keynote speaker! I was moved as the woman spoke about her experience as a mother with children who experienced hospitalization. I was particularly moved when she described when her young daughter shared her hospital experience with her classmates. ย She explained the intense fear of her daughter scaring the children with details of her hospitalization. Instead she was blown away at her daughter’s ability to recall the words used when she was educated by a child life specialist about a “magic wand” that was used to help her get better. This for me highlighted the power that child life specialist’s have with word choices! It definitely eased the child’s anxiety and confidence in sharing her experience with her classmates.

At the conference I attended a great presentation about providing services according to the individual child. I already knew the importance of this but it was a great opportunity to hear, gain perspective from providing services for children with Autism Spectrum Disorders. I also attended a presentation about alternative settings where child life fits in. It was a great opportunity to align the child life skill-set to various job descriptions. ย I also had the chance to identify the skill-set that would make for a strong child life private practice.

The last presentation I attended was about the power of words and utilizing it with patients and parents. There was a woman who was a mother of a patient who spoke of her experiences with different professionals and how the words made a significant difference in how she felt.We also watched some clips of different people who shared their experiences with hospitalization and how they were treated. We watched a clip of a teen who was experiencing a deteriorating neurological disorder. She wrote an incredible speech about her experience with her condition. It was one of those speeches I couldn’t help but get choked up about it. The presenter then spoke about her role with parent to parent engagements. She provides support and provides a writing project to enable the parents to cope. This is a beautiful approach that inspires me as I move forward.

It was a great day! I definitely recommend doing what you can to attend any local child life conferences, as it is beneficial for networking, gaining perspective, and adding great resources to your tool box.




Journey to an INTERNSHIP

Hello friends,

So the beginning of this week was extremely intense, actually scratch that these last months were quite intense. I applied to 13 hospitals for child life internships. School required 14-15 and that is what seems to be the overall recommendation. Although there are a lot of hospitals out there, many do not offer child life internships. I went through the intensity of applying for 14 but one of the hospitals decided to pull out of doing an internship, to revamp. This happened for one of the hospitals I applied to for practicum! It was so crazy that they did that so close to the application deadline. In any case, I feel there is a reason for everything and it was for the best. So typically internship sites have only 1 spot! That alone makes it quite stressful as it is extremely competitive. Tuesday morning was sheer anxiety- no matter how you slice it, I was nervous!!!!

I am so beyond grateful to say I got into a wonderful internship!!!!!

A WORD OF ADVICE: Always call to confirm your email was received! I accepted the offer in response to the offer email, also on Tuesday. However, on Wednesday I didn’t hear anything. I waited until 3 pm to call and confirm that they received my email. When I got home I received an email stating they were so happy to get my voice mail because the email didn’t make its way to their mailbox! I was surprised that that happened since it said it was sent on my end! However, it taught me never to wholeheartedly rely on technology for these important instances!!

It feels so validating that I got an internship, as I am even more motivated to complete the last three classes I am currently enduring!!! I am graduating on time with my class 2017! Come January I will be closer to the end of grad school= closer to certification!!!!

**To anyone and everyone out there: Do Not Give Up if you are passionate about it. Even though it is hard, it is worth the fight with yourself to push through!!!!!!

Good Day

Hey all!

Today was a good day yes I am still hurting but I finished more of my homework assignments I beat my Nike plus FuelBand Goal today! I was less sore today than yesterday so I knew I had to push a little more.

I started my day as usual with a lot of stretching. I had planned on finishing more school work so I went to that afterwards. I was planning on walking with my dad and doing arms earlier but time got away from us. We went out at around 5:30 had a nice walk I tried to get passed my fear walked a little bit without the crutches. I felt good afterwards! After our walk I did some arms with dumbells. I finished off with several sets of twenty high knee to chest raises-by the 4th set I really felt it!
After the workout I was early at my fuel goal of 1900. Later on My dad took me to one if my favorite restaurants in Miami, Red! By the end of dinner and hanging out I exceeded my fuel goal!- yesss!
I also figured out some fun stuff with my Nike plus FuelBand account! I can set my own goals of burning calories. I am starting slightly lower sine I’m still working on rebuilding my endurance with workouts I decided to try burning at least 5000 calories per week for a period of four weeks. If I want to adjust the time frame I can do so. As I recover more I will get even more active and so I will eventually raise my goal! Once I reach my goal I raise it— It’s exciting!!

When I got back from dinner I wanted to work a bit more on school. As habit I have come to check my school email and course feedback quite frequently… I have also been waiting for my grade on my psychology paper so I had to check it out… I got an A!!! I also am required to answer responses to my discussion posts so I checked to see if I had any… My teacher replied saying It was a great post! I am SO happy–NEXT I want to make this a great PowerPoint project! I also would love to raise my B+ in history to an A so I’m working very hard on my paper as well!

Cheers to Good Days!!!


Hello Miami

Hello Miami!

Hey guys,

So the weather has been beautiful I did get a slightly strange little burn yesterday, could be worse though ๐Ÿ™‚ Only thing I would change is my ability to actually go in the sand on the beach and obviously not have pain that would be ideal. ย I do have a beautiful terrace to and a pool to relax at so thats not a bad situation.

I do also have quite a bit of homework this week. So I had to be a good little student and bring it all with me to work on while I’m here in Miami. I finished my post for psychology and history I still have till sunday to do responses. I also have to finish my history paper and psychology powerpoint! Oy a lot of work! But I have only two more weeks of this term after this week! Then I get to gladly send my rented history textbook back-YESS!!! And I get to learn more about human development in my next psychology class! I also have to take Math next term. Oh well after that’s over I’ll get to say goodbye to another two classes then on to the next ones! I wanted to get rid of all the classes that I would rather not take earlier in the game so that I can hopefully just enjoy and use what I am actually studying.

I was talking to my sister yesterday apparently the weather in New York has been 70degrees, Go Figure when I leave the warm weather came! Hopefully that means the nice weather there will stay for when I get back there!

Here’s hoping ๐Ÿ™‚

Fifth Week: Term 1

Hey again,

So today was the first day of my fifth week in term 1 back at school! Every time I think of the words “back to school” I think of Adam Sandler singing that in Billy Madison, so funny.

Any ways, today I handed in my second history paper and I totally didn’t expect receiving a grade today but… I got a grade of 100!

I am so happy my hard work is paying off! I am learning so much!

I do have quite a bit of work for the next four weeks but I’m feeling ok about it ๐Ÿ™‚

This week I have my weekly psychology reading and discussion I have to post and respond to, have to watch a few videos, do a paper first draft that is counting as one grade but it is also the first step to my final assignment for the class. In between the first draft and final draft I have a powerpoint presentation also in psychology.

This week in History I have to watch a few videos, also do the weekly reading and discussion post and responses, a quiz and another paper to begin.

As the end of the term approaches it seems there is a lot more work to be done… Though I am enjoying learning!

Here’s to school and learning!