Fun, Sun, and Rehab

Hey guys,

Miami is so great! Last night we hit delicious Red steakhouse (fav) for dinner!

I am having a great time with family and friends while enjoying my break from school, and catching the beautiful rays!!!!

Β On Sunday night I went to an interesting meditation class using bowls. It was a little weird at first as it is involves listening to the sound of different bowls and just taking in and focusing on breathing. One sound was a bit difficult for me as I felt it through my entire body but then it was a soothing experience. At the end I wasn’t 100 percent taken by it but I’ll try it again. In the mean time today I found another meditation class that sounds so great! I will be going to it on Sunday. One part sounds interesting as it is a walking meditation, not sure how that will work but we’ll see.

So while I am here I have been trying to take advantage of the warm weather. The last few days I have been doing a lot of rehab. I have been taking long walks with my dog Roxie. Today I walked even more than yesterday. I have also been… walking on the beach!!!! Its crazy yesterday and the day before with sneakers for the first time in two years I made my way on the beach! I then sit down and do physical therapy by putting my bad foot in the sand and really working it with the new texture! It really hurt but I did it!!! I also put on another different shoe the other day! I also am wearing regular sock on more often. I am on my way!!!!!!!!!

Like I said, New day New year. Off to greater things, getting in shape, in real socks, and cuter shoes. πŸ™‚

~On my way!


HELLO 2014!

Hey all,

So, today is a new day and a new year!

I have been in holiday mode since right before Christmas and these past days in Miami.

I might indulge a little bit here and there. But I am moving forward to healthy, to losing weight, and tracking my food on my loyal siteΒ I am moving forward with working out. I am moving and improving my Nike Fuel band numbers. And of course I am fitting in more fun πŸ™‚

I am graduating with my bachelors, I am seeing my sister get married, I am wearing new beautiful shoes, I am working. I am interning, I am learning, I am helping, and I am thriving.

This is my year to do greater things! I am so excited!

~Let’s do this!





Hey guys,

So I briefly mentioned recently that I am trying out a Paleo lifestyle. I am firstly planning to lose weight but I want to continue it longterm if it works the way I plan it to. One thing that’s slightly tough is counting calories with paleo because from what I understand you don’t normally count calories with Paleo. The recipes I have found don’t show the calories per serving.

I am tracking my food on a site called I have used it in the past but I decided to give it another shot-so far so good.

I find it very motivating and helpful. I can track my fitness and food. However, I’m firstly using the food tracking. When I am back on my feet I plan to track my fitness. I want to focus on the food first though when I get that covered I will be ok.

I am still using my fun NIKE FuelBand though, so I still try to be active in general πŸ™‚


Feeling better

Looking better

Being healthier

Bathingsuit time

My sister’s wedding

Healthier long term


First Day in Child Life

Hey all,

So today I started my volunteer in child life gig! I am working in the PICU, or the pediatric intensive care unit, for the really sick kids. Today was an orientation and walk through on policies and procedures. Also I made some rounds checked in on some patients introduced myself and offered assistance. When I shadowed my awesome supervisor we visited this adorable little boy. I came back to play with him for my last hour while his mom got a break. It was so great.
My work is going to primarily be working with the kids at their bedside as they typically cannot leave their room.

I Did so much walking today I’m so tired!! But I also managed to make almost 5,000 nike fuel on my band!

~Great day

Good Day

Hey all!

Today was a good day yes I am still hurting but I finished more of my homework assignments I beat my Nike plus FuelBand Goal today! I was less sore today than yesterday so I knew I had to push a little more.

I started my day as usual with a lot of stretching. I had planned on finishing more school work so I went to that afterwards. I was planning on walking with my dad and doing arms earlier but time got away from us. We went out at around 5:30 had a nice walk I tried to get passed my fear walked a little bit without the crutches. I felt good afterwards! After our walk I did some arms with dumbells. I finished off with several sets of twenty high knee to chest raises-by the 4th set I really felt it!
After the workout I was early at my fuel goal of 1900. Later on My dad took me to one if my favorite restaurants in Miami, Red! By the end of dinner and hanging out I exceeded my fuel goal!- yesss!
I also figured out some fun stuff with my Nike plus FuelBand account! I can set my own goals of burning calories. I am starting slightly lower sine I’m still working on rebuilding my endurance with workouts I decided to try burning at least 5000 calories per week for a period of four weeks. If I want to adjust the time frame I can do so. As I recover more I will get even more active and so I will eventually raise my goal! Once I reach my goal I raise it— It’s exciting!!

When I got back from dinner I wanted to work a bit more on school. As habit I have come to check my school email and course feedback quite frequently… I have also been waiting for my grade on my psychology paper so I had to check it out… I got an A!!! I also am required to answer responses to my discussion posts so I checked to see if I had any… My teacher replied saying It was a great post! I am SO happy–NEXT I want to make this a great PowerPoint project! I also would love to raise my B+ in history to an A so I’m working very hard on my paper as well!

Cheers to Good Days!!!

Rough But Worth It

Hey all,

Well yesterday I felt so much pain, But I accomplished quite a bit.
I was still hurting from PT Monday and Training Tuesday but then last night during PT I wore a sock on my bad foot- with a sneaker- then walked outside a few blocks combined with one crutch and while in the freezing cold windy weather!

Sock is another step as it is still a challenge I still wear a surgical sock and am only comfortable with that in a sneaker!
One crutch is hard enough for me with unevenness of the sidewalk add the other things and I made quite the accomplishment!!!

So now, today I am in more pain but it will ware off hopefully soon, preferably by my 4:00 training session this afternoon. πŸ™‚

Another great note yesterday I beat my Fuel Goal of the day on my Nike FuelBand! I still need to set my calorie and steps goals!



Hey guys,

I am so excited to say I am slowly beating my goals as I learn how my new Nike Plus FuelBand works!

I wasn’t really sure what to set my goal for every day. But the band measures my fuel every day and that is the goal I want to set. It is based on the physical activity I do. I have decided to reset my daily goal to 1000, if I continue to exceed it I will raise it again.

This is a cool approach as it is motivating me to push more. If that wasn’t enough as it records the steps I take and the calories burned during the day I can also plan to eventually walk 10,000 steps a day and see how my fuel number increases!

Today I also continued following my weight watchers points more strictly. Boy if I keep this up with any luck, the combination of the FuelBand and WW I will lose weight , walk better, be more active, and look great πŸ™‚ !