• My overall health
  • My strength
  • My parents
  • My sister
  • My brother in-law
  • My dog
  • My aunt
  • My uncle
  • My cousin
  • Learning
  • Lessons learned
  • Healing
  • Helping children
  • Art
  • Music
  • Meditation
  • Walking
  • Writing
  • Exercising



Feeling Hopeful!!!!!

Hello All,

Today I was officially able to send out my Child Life Internship Applications!!!!!

It took a lot of poking and gnawing at people to get my transcripts and courses completely reviewed. But Finally after much determination and persistence on my end I got everything needed to mail out the complete application!

I had to put two hospitals applications on hold, as one is postponed until 2016 and the other is not accepting applications until June.

I applied to some hospitals that are for summer session! As a back up plan I applied to some that are in the fall session!

Fingers Crossed!!!!

**Here’s to beginning my next step to become a Certified Child Life Specialist!!!!!

Today’s Gratitude

  • My daddy was born today!
  • My wonderful mother!
  • My sister!
  • My brother in-law!
  • My dog!
  • My overall health!
  • My progress!
  • I wore new shoes with socks on both feet!
  • Heat!
  • I got an A in Physiology and Anatomy class!
  • I got an A in Personality Psychology class!
  • Walking!
  • Physical Therapy!
  • Art!
  • Writing!
  • Meditation!
  • Music!
  • Child Life!
  • School!
  • Doing well in school!
  • Lessons learned
  • Lessons to learn!
  • Healing!
  • Family!
  • Friends!
  • Everything is as it should be at this moment in time!
  • Everything happens for a reason!


Today’s Affirmations

I have new shoes!

I have socks with new shoes on both feet!

I have an A in Physiology and Anatomy Class!

I have an A in Personality Psychology Class!

I am healthy and complete!

I am walking effortlessly!

I am a certified child life specialist!

I am a certified infant massage therapist and educator!

I am helping and inspiring children!

I love myself, I am beautiful, and I am complete!

All is well in the world!

Hello, Hello!

Hey guys,

Welcome my friends, my visitors, my followers new and old, old and new! I have reached 120!

I am so happy to say I am almost finished with my sixth term in school! After this I Have 4 more terms until I earn my bachelors in Psychology with specialization in child and adolescent development!!!! I am thoroughly enjoying the ride!

My hardships that came with RSD has allowed me to re-examine my life. While I could have done without the pain+ I have managed to truly find myself!

This blog has been helpful for me to send my thoughts out to the universe and to all of you. Now that I have found my purpose to help people, children to be exact, I have a lot more aspirations! I hope my posts help you all in some way. 🙂

I am looking at getting my masters! Maybe I will have my own practice! I know I want to be a Child Life Specialist and I am getting closer!  I am planning to get certified in infant massage therapy and educating! I want to help children cope! I want to encourage and inspire children! I want to be a support for them in helping them by giving them and their care givers the tools they need to help them succeed in life!

I am so excited! I also want to continue volunteering with children. I want to go global. I would love to do this in december for a few months! I haven’t yet found the right program! I would like to do work with kids in an orphanage or day care in Europe, ideally Italy. I would also do it in England. I feel like this would be the perfect time to do it after I finish my Bachelor’s before committed into an internship program and full time job.

I am so excited!!!!







February Affirmations

I am pain free!

I am wearing new shoes and regular socks on both feet!

I have an A in Anatomy and Physiology class!

I have an A in Personality Psychology class!

I have an A on Anatomy and Physiology midterm!

I have an A on Psychology midterm!

I am healthy!

I am walking effortlessly!

I am graduating with a bachelors in Psychology specializing in Child and Adolescent Development!

I am a terrific Certified Child Life Specialist!

I have a wonderful career as a certified child life specialist!

I am Certified in infant massage therapy and instruction!

I love my life and I am living it to the fullest!

I am in Italy helping children!

I am in harmony with all those I meet!

I have wonderful friends!

All is well with the world!


Fun, Sun, and Rehab

Hey guys,

Miami is so great! Last night we hit delicious Red steakhouse (fav) for dinner!

I am having a great time with family and friends while enjoying my break from school, and catching the beautiful rays!!!!

 On Sunday night I went to an interesting meditation class using bowls. It was a little weird at first as it is involves listening to the sound of different bowls and just taking in and focusing on breathing. One sound was a bit difficult for me as I felt it through my entire body but then it was a soothing experience. At the end I wasn’t 100 percent taken by it but I’ll try it again. In the mean time today I found another meditation class that sounds so great! I will be going to it on Sunday. One part sounds interesting as it is a walking meditation, not sure how that will work but we’ll see.

So while I am here I have been trying to take advantage of the warm weather. The last few days I have been doing a lot of rehab. I have been taking long walks with my dog Roxie. Today I walked even more than yesterday. I have also been… walking on the beach!!!! Its crazy yesterday and the day before with sneakers for the first time in two years I made my way on the beach! I then sit down and do physical therapy by putting my bad foot in the sand and really working it with the new texture! It really hurt but I did it!!! I also put on another different shoe the other day! I also am wearing regular sock on more often. I am on my way!!!!!!!!!

Like I said, New day New year. Off to greater things, getting in shape, in real socks, and cuter shoes. 🙂

~On my way!